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May June 2023

Celebrate Your Grad with These A+ Recipes

May June 2023

We’re quickly approaching that time in the school year that signifies the end of a chapter: graduation. Whether it’s grade school or college, these events are always a big deal. Friends and family gather to celebrate their grad’s accomplishments, and tables are covered in delicious food to honor the occasion. From savory appetizers to sweet dessert, here are a few of our favorite recipes that will brighten up anyone’s commencement day.

1. Graduation Grazing Board

Grazing boards are the perfect thing to have on hand when you’re planning a graduation party, and ours pretty much has you covered. It features salty cheeses, deli meat, savory crackers, fresh fruit, and even cute chocolate graduation caps! What more do you need?

2. All Appetizer Grazing Board

If you don’t have the bandwidth to make everything from scratch, don’t stress. Frozen appetizers are the key to this quick grazing board, making it the ultimate solution for a last-minute gathering.

3. Meatball Sub on a Stick

Fans of this classic Italian-American sandwich will LOVE these 5-ingredient skewers. Using frozen meatballs and refrigerated pizza crust, you can whip up this graduation appetizer in no time.

4. Pasta Salad Skewers

Turn the classic flavors of an Italian-inspired pasta salad into a fun-to-eat side that’s perfect for an outdoor celebration.

5. Piñata Cake

Make a standard layer cake extra special by stuffing it with your grad’s favorite candies! Don’t reveal the secret inside the center until your guests arrive, and watch them be surprised and delighted when all the sweet treats come tumbling out.

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