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May June 2023

How to Pack a Salad To Go

The Simple Way to Enjoy Your Greens Anywhere
May June 2023

Crunchy salad loaded with colorful veggies and protein is a tasty and nutritious way to power through the day. This smart trick lets you take your greens to-go, without any soggy lettuce or puddles of unused dressing. No need to pack multiple containers, just pick your favorite ingredients and follow this simple method. 

Step 1. Start with a wide-mouthed jar that has a tight-sealing lid. Into the jar, first pour your desired dressing. 

Step 2. Add your vegetables in layers. To keep things crunchy, layer veggies from heartiest (think: broccoli, radish, cucumber) to softest (like: tomato, peas, avocado). 

Step 3. Add your protein in layers. Shredded chicken, tuna, deli meat, bacon, and cheese are all tasty options.  

Step 4. Add salad greens on top. If using multiple types of lettuce, layer from heartiest to softest.  

Step 5. Seal the jar tightly. When you’re ready to eat, shake vigorously to toss, and enjoy!  

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