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10 Must-Make Recipes You Need to Try This Spring

Recipes to get you excited about the vibrant Spring produce.

Spring is arguably the most exciting season for cooking. From leafy greens and crunchy radishes to earthy artichokes and sweet peas, there’s no shortage of delicious produce to work with. Here are 10 recipes to help you celebrate the season.

Radish Toasts with Cream Cheese 

These delicate toasts may look fancy, but they couldn’t be easier to make. Simply combine cream cheese, fresh herbs, lemon zest, and black pepper, then spread the mixture onto lightly toasted bread and top with thinly sliced radishes. No mandolin? No problem! You can always slice the radishes with a very sharp chef’s knife. 
 Get the recipe: Radish Toasts with Cream Cheese 

Asparagus Frittata 

 Absolutely anyone can make this easy, cheesy frittata, which unlike most egg bakes, is made entirely on the stovetop. Once you’ve arranged the asparagus and sprinkled the whole thing with cheese, simply cover the skillet and cook until the eggs are set. Serve with thinly sliced prosciutto for a winning Easter brunch. 

 Get the recipe: Asparagus Frittata 

Instant Pot® Artichokes Stuffed with Salami  

Cooking artichokes in the Instant Pot eliminates any guesswork, making this the perfect recipe if you’re new to making this veggie., Feel free to omit the salami If you’re serving vegetarians: the garlicky Parmesan breadcrumbs are still delicious without the meat.
 Get the recipe: Instant Pot® Artichokes Stuffed with Salami  

Smashed Pea Pasta 

Between the vibrant green peas, chopped fresh herbs, and fragrant strips of lemon zest, this pasta dish looks (and tastes!) like spring in a bowl. Smashing the peas into the sauce ensures every bite is bursting with their sweet flavor. 

Get the recipe: Smashed Pea Pasta 

Spring Veggie Soup with Tortellini 

Premade cheese tortellini are not only great for pasta night, but it’s also super tasty in soup. Stirring pesto into the broth elevates every bite, giving you a restaurant-worthy soup in just 20 minutes.
 Get the recipe: Spring Veggie Soup with Tortellini 

Slow Cooker Spring Green Risotto  

Risotto usually requires lots of stirring — but not this one. In this super simple version, the rice simmers mostly unattended while you prep the veggies and grate some Parmesan cheese. Trust us, after this you’ll never make it any other way.
 Get the recipe: Slow Cooker Spring Green Risotto 

Spicy Soba Noodles with Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas 

Thanks to rotisserie chicken and quick-cooking soba noodles, this weeknight dinner comes together in a flash. The best part? The sugar snap peas cook in the same pot as the noodles – simply add them in during the last two minutes of cooking. 

Get the recipe: Spicy Soba Noodles with Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas 

Spring Chicken Stew with Leeks and White Wine 

This colorful chicken stew is equal parts cozy and nourishing. Plus, you can make it in your Instant Pot® or slow cooker. Always cook with wine that you enjoy drinking so you can pour yourself a glass after adding a splash to the stew.

Get the recipe: Spring Chicken Stew with Leeks and White Wine 

Roasted Asparagus over Herbed Couscous 

Herby couscous, tender asparagus, and tangy feta combine in this hearty vegetarian side. Serve it alongside any protein you please, such as salmon, tofu, or chicken thighs.   

Get the recipe: Roasted Asparagus over Herbed Couscous  

Vanilla-Lemon Icebox Cake 

Wow your guests this season with this stunning icebox cake, which comes together with minimal ingredients and can be made a day in advance. The pretty fruit garnish gives a hint to what’s inside. 

Get the recipe: Vanilla-Lemon Icebox Cake    


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