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3 Simple Tips for Better Roasting

Roasting is a simple way to coax deep flavor and a tender bite from all kinds of protein and produce, no matter your cooking skill level. With mostly hands-off preparation and easy one-pan cleanup, it’s a stress-free way to approach midweek, midwinter meals.  

Make the most of your roasts with these smart strategies for mouthwatering results that go way beyond meat and potatoes. 

Tip 1: Evenly spread veggies in a single layer on the sheet pan so they brown instead of steam.  
Vegetables are largely made up of water, which means they release steam as they cook. To prevent them from becoming soggy, spread veggies apart in an even layer. This allows water to evaporate more quickly, keeping the surface of food dry so caramelization (aka brown roasted deliciousness) can occur.  
Caramelization brings a delicious depth of flavor to sweet potatoes and mini peppers in this easy 3-ingredient side. 

Tip 2: Try searing and roasting in the same skillet for easy, one-pan dinners. 
Searing is a great way to enhance the flavor and texture of protein. No more dried out chops and roasts; browning meat in a hot pan imparts extra caramelized flavor while creating a crust that helps lock in moisture. Plus, searing, roasting, and serving family-style from one skillet cuts down on cleanup.  
Try this one-pan winner: skillet-roasted pork chops with the surprising sweet-savory combo of rosemary, garlic, and grapes. 

Tip 3: Think outside the box when it comes to roasting: try tomatoes, zucchini noodles, or grapes. 
For a complete meal with endless possibilities, try incorporating unexpected veggies and fruit. Rich, savory roasted meat pairs well with both acidity and sweetness. Tomatoes, squash, and grapes all lend bright flavor with a satisfying texture that can withstand the heat of the oven.  
We love the unexpected combination of tangy tomatoes and zucchini noodles with smoky turkey sausage in this colorful crowd-pleaser. 

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