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10 Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love with Casseroles

Tradition with a twist served hot from the oven

If you’re craving comfort, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a new class of casseroles that are guaranteed to satisfy. They’re creamy and cozy like the classics you grew up with, but also easy and affordable, so they’re just as suitable for weeknights as they are for hosting friends. Whip one up today and try the rest throughout the season. They’ll quickly become instant family favorites.


Everything Bagel Breakfast Bake 


This creative spin on bagels and cream cheese combines the traditional flavors you love into a beautifully bronzed casserole. We like it with everything bagels, but truly anything goes. Try it with sesame, pumpernickel, or any of your favorites for an easy but impressive brunch main that’s make-ahead friendly. 



Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Hash Brown Bake 


This satisfying bake inspired by everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich is a great make-ahead option for houseguests. Starting with a bag of frozen hash browns and using sliced American cheese means you won’t even dirty the box grater.  


Creamed Spinach Gnocchi Bake 


Move over, baked ziti, it’s baked gnocchi’s time to shine. This recipe is so easy, you’ll have it memorized in no time, which will come in handy when the kids request it weekly. If you’re short on spinach (or want to switch things up), feel free to swap in other veggies like broccoli or frozen peas.  



Easy Sweet Potato Casserole  


No shade to marshmallows, but sweet potatoes deserve some crunch, and we’ll happily take it in the form of rich, buttery hazelnuts. When mixed with sugar, flour, and butter, they bake up nice and crisp, a perfect contrast to the creamy potatoes below.   




Make-Ahead Mashed Potato Casserole 


This cozy casserole combines the best of both worlds: it’s made entirely from scratch but won’t leave you standing over the stove. If you’re serving vegetarians, you can omit the prosciutto, or take a cue from pizza and go half and half.  



Southern-Style Mac and Cheese Casserole 


With two types of cheese and bits of ham studded throughout, how could this casserole not be a home run? A quick finish under the broiler for a golden-brown, bubbly top with crisp edges puts this one in the mac and cheese hall of fame.   


Pimiento Cheese Green Bean Casserole 


This Southern spin on the classic Thanksgiving side is packed with bold flavor in every single bite. If you’ve made homemade mac and cheese, you’ll be a pro at the creamy cheese sauce: it’s essentially a bechamel  with cheddar and chopped pimientos.  



Chicken and Artichoke Rice Bake  


When it starts to get chilly and you’re craving easy and cheesy, prepare to put this five-ingredient recipe on repeat. It’s ready in 30 minutes, thanks to several smart shortcuts: rotisserie chicken, canned artichoke hearts, precooked brown rice, and shredded mozzarella.   

 Chicken Finger Parm Casserole 


If you’re a fan of chicken Parm, you’ll love this extra-easy version made with frozen chicken strips. Jarred marinara and two kinds of cheese add Italian-inspired flavor that’s delicious the next day piled on a hero roll or served over spaghetti.  

Classic Tuna Fusilli Casserole 


This nostalgic, protein-packed casserole yields maximum comfort for minimal effort. And though you wouldn’t know by looking at it, it also has three kinds of veggies. Don’t skip the fresh basil garnish, which adds a pop of bright, fresh flavor.

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