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4 Reasons We Love Summer Rolls

These super simple, fresh summer rolls are our summer love and an easy way to use up leftover herbs and veggies without heating up the kitchen. Here are our top 4 reasons we’ve got that summer (roll) feeling.

1. Light Summertime Meal

We love the heat of the summer, but we’d rather spend it by a pool instead of in a hot kitchen. If your summer is more stay cool than hot girl, we have loads of no cook (low cook) recipes to keep your kitchen cool in summertime. One of our faves is this recipe for summer rolls – the only thing you’re cooking is the noodles and you could skip those or swap them out for a different grain. Add protein to these rolls for a light dinner on summer nights when the heat has zapped your energy or as a fun snack with friends that feels more elevated than chips and dip, but still super easy and loaded with good stuff, like veggies. Set-up a summer roll bar and let your guests make their own! Prizes for the most unique filling combos!

Click this link to find more no cook recipes.

2. Flexible Ingredients

Think of this recipe as more of a guide and the ingredients as suggestions, not requirements. Hate cilantro? Leave it out! Love cucumbers? Add ‘em in! Have a little leftover shrimp? Use it! You can’t mess up these rolls and the possibilities are endless. Swap the noodles for rice or add veggies like cabbage or shredded carrots. Adding protein is a great idea too, especially if you’re using these as a light lunch or dinner. Shrimp, tofu, and shredded chicken are some of our favorite protein additions. We also love to throw fruit like sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges, or sliced mango in our rolls for unique flavor combos.

The toughest part of making summer rolls is the actual rolling, but even if you haven’t mastered that part, don’t worry – dip your messy rolls in that sauce and eat up! Pro tip: keep your working surface wet when rolling to keep the wrappers from sticking.

3. Easy Way to Waste Less

You meant to use up those fresh herbs you bought for another recipe. You forgot you had a red pepper in the fridge. You were going to make salads for lunch this week, but life got busy. We’ve all been there – more times than we’re willing to admit – but wasting less food can be as simple as finding recipes like these summer rolls that make it easy to use up fresh produce and herbs so you’re throwing away less. Good for your wallet, the planet, and your tastebuds.

4. Perfect Sauce

Tangy, nutty, salty. What’s not to love about this peanut dipping sauce? In fact, it had us asking, what else can we eat with this sauce? Turns out it’s great with stir-fry, cold noodles, salad, or any protein. This sauce keeps in the fridge for about a week and is also freezable so make extra for other meals. If by some chance peanut sauce isn’t your jam, sweet chili sauce would be another perfect dip for your new favorite summertime meal.

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