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6 DIY Dog Costumes That Can Be Made with a Trip to the Grocery Store

They’re all super-easy to make!
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Wanna get your pup involved with the trick-or-treating? Just want a cute pic for Instagram? We can help! We came up with a bunch of adorable DIY dog costumes. They’re all incredibly easy to pull together (yes, even if you’re not crafty!). And you don’t even have to go to a special store—you can find all the materials you need at the supermarket, if you don’t already have them on hand. Some are a little on the nose (boop!) and some might take people a second to figure out. And that’s half the fun! 

Hot Dog

Cut up paper plates into a bunch of flame-shaped pieces, and paint them to look like a fire: First paint them yellow, with a smaller layer of orange toward the center, then a smaller-still layer of red at the very center. Let dry, then pin or tape the painted plates onto your dog’s harness, so the flames stick up.  

Puppy Kisses

Make a chocolate kiss hat for your dog—use an old party hat or crumple up some newspaper so it’s roughly in the shape of a cone. Cover with foil, rounding out the bottom a bit. Position a little strip of paper with “PUPPY KISSES” written on it so it emerges out the top of the foil cone. If you used a party hat, use the elastic band to place it on your dog’s head, or use tape or glue to attach a ribbon and tie it under your dog’s chin. 

Salt and Pepper

This is a couple’s costume … for you and your dog! Take two foil pie pans and, using a permanent marker, draw a few quarter-sized dots to look like the holes in a shaker. Use hot glue to attach string or a ribbon to the bottom. Then, just tie one pie pan to your dog’s back and the other on your head (tie the ribbon under your chin). Note: This works especially well if you have a black or white dog.  

Earl Greyhound

Make a tea tag out of paper and string, and write “Earl Greyhound” on the tag—in script, if you’re feeling fancy. Attach the string to your dog’s collar. 


Carve up an empty box of frozen waffles and drape it over your dog, using string to tie it on as necessary—or tape it to your dog’s harness. 

Trick or treats

Cut out some brown construction paper in the shape of dog treats. Then, tap or pin some playing cards and the paper to your dog’s harness.  

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