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8 tips to care for fresh flowers

Pro tips to help make your flowers last longer 

Welcome spring into your home with an easy arrangement of fresh flowers from the supermarket—an easy way to decorate your table or simply banish the winter blahs. These tips from a store floral expert will help keep your blooms looking their best. You can also check out this video to learn how to create a simple, beautiful flower arrangement. 

1. Buy flowers last minute 
Most supermarkets replenish flowers twice a week to ensure quality and freshness, so they’ll be at their best the day you buy them. If you need to purchase flowers a few days before your event, look for semi-open buds, as they will start to blossom in the days leading up to your party.  

2. Recut the stems to keep flowers fresh 
When you bring flowers home, trim an inch from the bottom of each stem, cutting diagonally. This will help the flowers absorb water once they’re in the vase. Be sure to add the packet of floral preservative that came with the flowers to the water in the vase before adding them.   

3. Change the water every three days 
The water in a vase of flowers can grow bacteria that can cause them to droop faster. Remove any leaves from stems that touch the water and refresh water every few days.  

4. Stick to 3 or 4 colors and types 
Less is more when it comes to creating a showstopping floral arrangement.  When in doubt, ask an in-store floral expert for help choosing complementary colors or varietals.  

5. Choose a large enough vase 
Try not to overcrowd flowers so they aren’t competing for water and space. They should fit loosely enough that you can easily remove one without damaging any petals or leaves. If you don’t think all the flowers will fit, split them into two smaller arrangements.  

6. Keep away from direct air and sun 
Place your flowers away from the air vent and direct sunlight. Both can dry out blooms faster.  

7. Read care instructions 
Depending on what’s in your arrangement, your flowers may need more or less attention, so read the tag attached for recommendations or look online for helpful info. 

8. Be wary of pets 
Curious pets can knock over or eat fresh flowers, some of which could be poisonous to them. Keep your arrangement out of reach if necessary. 

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