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A Simple Picnic Guide

“Let’s go on a picnic!” Sounds like a great idea, but it might feel like a daunting task if you haven’t been on one in a while. What should you make to eat? Where should you go? What supplies do you need to take? Take away any picnic apprehension with some easy pre-planning and a supply checklist and you’ll be headed out for a great day in the sun with family and friends!
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Get started with where you’d like to go and find out what amenities are available at your chosen location. Are there pavilions with shade and picnic tables? Is there running water? Are grills permitted or available? Do you need to make a reservation? Once you have these core questions answered you’ll be able to plan your menu and supply list.

Supply Check List:

  • Blanket, bag chairs, games, music
  • Tablecloth, paper towels, wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, trash bags, first aid kit
  • Plastic ware, plates, cups, 1 sharp knife, plastic bags or containers for leftovers
  • Cooler bags or large cooler with wheels, ice packs, bagged ice cubes for drinks, bottled water

Depending on if you will be grilling or need to bring pre-prepared food, you can come up with countless menu options. Sandwiches and cold salads make for great picnic fare, or if grilling is an option, pre-marinated meats and veggies, hot dogs, and corn on the cob are always delicious prepared outdoors.  Remember to pack raw foods separately and keep them in the cooler until ready to cook. 

Here are some ideas from the Savory Recipe Center to get you started on your perfect picnic planning!

Grilled Veggie Picnic Sandwich

If you have a grill at your picnic spot, you can make these on location! However, these sandwiches are perfect for making ahead.

Corn Tortilla Dogs

Hot dogs are easy to grill up and these ingredients take up minimal space in your picnic basket.  

Slaw with Bacon and Blue Cheese

It isn’t summertime without slaw! This recipe has bold flavors that make it a delicious addition to your picnic menu.

Veggie Kabobs

If you don’t want to deal with meats, a veggie kabob is a perfect easy grilling idea!

Pomegranate-Raspberry Iced Tea

This iced tea uses seasonal ingredients and is perfect way to keep cool outside!

Peanut & Chocolate Magic Cookie Bars

A menu isn’t complete without dessert! These bars will be easy to transport for your picnic adventure.               

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