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Beach Party

Beach blankets out, umbrellas up, sun screen on. Now, it’s a beach party, so bring on the delicious and perfectly prepared dishes to enjoy between dips in the ocean and sand castle building.

Easy clambake   

Here’s a no muss, no fuss clambake that allows you to cook and eat the delectable bounties from the sea in one convenient pouch.  Light up the fire, throw the packets on to cook, and enjoy the Summer Fruit Punch you brought while waiting.

Summer Fruit Punch    

This is the refreshingly fruity punch you’ll be sipping while waiting for the clambake to be ready. Three kinds of citrus mixed with three different juices makes one delicious beachside drink. Store in a pourable container along with the ice in your cooler and it’ll be ready when you are.

Summer Nectarine Chutney    

Don’t be scared! Chutney is just a fancy name for a flavorful condiment.  It’s a great make-ahead spread for your crackers or bread. The good news is that it can withstand the summer heat, so don’t worry if it sits out for the whole afternoon.

Grilled Chicken Kabobs   

Not everyone at your beach party a fan of seafood? No worries. Prepare these tasty chicken kabobs ahead and let them marinate in the cooler while you play in the sand. When you’re ready to eat, just get them out and throw them on the grill.

Watermelon Skewers with Feta   

Bite-sized and with the perfect salty/sweet balance of the watermelon and feta, these mini bites will disappear the minute you pull them out of the cooler. Better make plenty!

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