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5 Ways to Dress Up a Holiday Dinner Table

It’s all about attention to detail with these easy tips.

The menu is set, the playlist is cued, all that’s left to do is create cozy holiday ambiance. And what better place to start than the dinner table? You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make your entertaining space feel special. It’s all about attention to detail with these easy tips.  

Layer fabrics and textures

Consider your holiday table like a gift to your guests – wrap it beautifully. Rather than a single tablecloth, try adding more visual interest with a runner and/or cloth placemats. Cloth napkins, coasters, and trivets are another way to dress a table with holiday flare and make it feel more intimate. 

Use edible décor

Before making a trip to the craft or home goods store, take a look around the grocery store for seasonal inspiration. Colorful fruits – like cranberries, citrus, and pomegranates – and details from the floral section – like decorative branches and pine cones – can create an elegant, organic tablescape that feels special without being fussy. 

Candles, candles, candles

When it comes to warm light in winter, more is always more. Lighting an array of candles on the table and throughout your home is an easy, affordable way to make your space feel cozy and inviting. Don’t worry if your candles don’t match. Using a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors draws the eye and creates dimension.

Create place cards

Setting a personalized name card at each place at the table is an easy way to make guests feel welcomed. It can be as simple as hand writing each name on a sturdy sheet of tagboard and folding in half. Or write names on slips of paper and attach each one to a folded napkin using decorative ribbon.

Incorporate some whimsy

Picture frames, small toys, and holiday figurines add playfulness to a holiday table. Even if you’re hosting a grownups-only affair, small whimsical touches will put everyone in the mood for festive fun.

Happy feasting, from your friends at Savory! 


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