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Thanksgiving with friends is a chance to have a little fun with a holiday steeped in food traditions. We’ve mixed and mingled the customary fare into potluck-style creations that will entertain as well as delight. So strap on your apron and rope in your BFF—it’s twice the fun when you cook together.

Butterflied Turkey with Sage Gravy  

The term “butterflied” may sound a bit strange, but it describes the method of flattening out a turkey during preparation, with the aim of reducing the overall cooking time by up to an hour or more. The process itself requires little more than a couple clean cuts.

Flash-Roasted Fennel with Fleur-de-sel  

Yes, this holiday dish tastes as exciting as it sounds. If you’re familiar with fennel, you’ll love the unique, licorice-like flavor it brings. Though the bulb makes up the bulk of the dish, the stem is what packs the most punch. Flaky fleur-de-sel is the perfect garnish for this bittersweet and succulent side. 

Roast Baby Potatoes with Sour Cream   

Speaking of time-saving sides, this gratifying oven-only recipe brings the best out of baby medley potatoes without bringing clutter to your countertop. Season sparingly, as the bacon does a dynamite job of adding saltiness, complemented by velvety sour cream and mild chives.

Stuffed Mushrooms  

Whole white mushrooms happen to be the perfect edible food containers. Just remove the stems, add the premade stuffing and toppings, and voilà—bite-size appetizers, hot out of the oven in just 20 minutes (Stems can be saved for soup).

Smokey-Spicey Cranberry Sauce 

Give your cranberry sauce a personality of its own. With chipotles (or paprika for the spice-shy), your sweet Thanksgiving mainstay takes on a bolder smokier flavor that begs to be garnished on Turkey, used in stuffing, or baked into holiday bread. 


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