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Grazing Board

How to Build a Grazing Board

The grazing board has come a long way from the days of arranging a few cheeses and deli meats on a platter with some crackers or bread. Now the possibilities are limitless, from kid-friendly platters to lavish boards that can function as a full meal. 
Grazing Board how to all day graze cheese board

The advantage of a grazing board is convenience: You can set it up in advance and then set it out when it’s time to eat, replenishing as necessary. To keep things simple and to allow everyone to snack at their own pace, we recommend featuring foods that can be safely served at room temperature.  

 The basics of creating a grazing board are simple:  

  1. Start with a large tray, a wooden board, or a platter with a wide, flat base.  
  2. Choose your goodies. Aim for 6–10 items, and make sure there is variety, including some fresh ingredients. Don’t forget dips, pickles, and condiments.

  3. Keep each item separate on the board so that it looks appealing. 

  4. If you’re putting the board together a few hours before you will be serving it, cover it with plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate. Don’t include anything that could go stale, such as chips, bread or crackers. Add them right before serving and then top off as needed. 

  5. To keep your platter cool while it’s sitting out during warm weather, place it on a large tray or rimmed sheet pan filled halfway with ice.  

Ready to get started? Here are a couple of grazing boards that show just how versatile this way of eating can be. 


Hungry kids won’t be constantly calling for snacks with this board.  It’s balanced with foods both you and your kids can feel good about—and it’s simple enough that children can create their own grazing boards, choosing one or more item from each category. 

  • Protein: Hummus, mini cheeses or string cheese, hard-boiled eggs, almond butter, sliced salami  

  • Fruit: Strawberries, melon, orange wedges, dried apricots, raisins, blueberries, red and green grapes  

  • Veggies: Celery sticks, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, mini sweet peppers, zucchini and summer squash sticks   

  • Crunchy snacks: Pita chips, cheese crackers, pretzel chips, popcorn, tortilla chips 


This is probably the easiest way to feed your family or a group of friends. Most of this no-cook board comes right from the deli. Here are a few ideas of what you can add:

  • Prepared deli chicken salad 

  • Prepared deli potato salad 

  • Sliced Cheddar or Colby Jack cheese 

  • Deli-sliced maple smoked ham 

  • Deli-sliced roast beef 

  • Sliced peppered salami    

  • Pickled pepperoncini, drained 

  • Whole romaine heart leaves 

  • Crackers or sliced French or Italian bread 

  • Grape tomatoes 

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