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How to Build a Halloween Grazing Board

Little ghosts and goblins will love this grazing board that’s all dressed up for Halloween. A few easy tricks transform treats into a festive snack platter that doubles as a spooktacular centerpiece.

Start by assembling your spooky snacks:

Clementine Pumpkins

These nutritious “pumpkins” are a fun bite kids can enjoy for breakfast or after school all season long. Peel clementines and thinly slice celery stalks, keeping the leaves attached. Trim 1 to 2-inch pieces from the celery and insert in the center of the orange to create a stem.

Pretzel Brooms

No one can resist these sweet-salty sweepers that disappear like magic. Unwrap miniature chocolate-peanut butter cups and insert a pretzel stick in the center for 2-bite witch brooms. 

Sweet and Salty Witch Hats

No need to break out the caldron for these crunchy confections. Into a bowl of melted chocolate, dip the wide end of a cone-shaped corn chip and place on top of a chocolate crème sandwich cookie. Using a spoon, cover both the cookie and chip in a layer of melted chocolate. Transfer to a wire rack and allow to harden completely.

Skull Cheese Ball

This tangy, cheesy spread is a head above the rest. Cream cheese, shredded cheddar, and scallions combine for a delicious dip with the mild kick of garlic powder and hot sauce. Shape into a skull, using olives and nuts to create the face, and serve with your favorite veggies and crackers. 

To make the board:

Form skull dip in the center of a cutting board, surrounded by a colorful array of dippers. Next, add the pumpkins. Finish the board by grouping witch brooms together on one side, and witch hats together on the opposite side. 
Happy Halloween from Savory!

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