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How to Cut an Onion

Onions are a flavor foundation in countless recipes, from sauces and soups to stir fries, skillets, and beyond. 
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Though a common ingredient in most kitchens, the “right” and safest way to chop an onion—i.e. to get both the greatest yield and uniform pieces that will cook evenly—can be tricky. If the thought of slicing and dicing brings tears to your eyes, watch our video and read below for this simple technique for perfect onions every time.  

Step 1: Begin by slicing the onion in half lengthwise through the root end. Remove the peel and place onion cut side down on a cutting board.  

Step 2: Place the palm of your hand on top of the onion to hold it securely in place. With your other hand, make several cuts horizontally from bottom to top, keeping the root end intact. 

Step 3: Working from left to right, make several vertical cuts following the shape of the onion, avoiding the root end. Note: The thickness of these slices will determine the width of your finished dice. For a fine dice, go thinner and make more cuts; for a chunky dice, keep cuts thicker. 

Step 4: With your knife parallel to the onion, make even slices across, creating small, equally-sized pieces. Be sure to keep fingers safe by curling them back when holding the onion as you cut.  

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