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It’s Tailgating Season: Bring on the Food

We’re moving into the home stretch of the tailgating scene and Savory’s got its second wind. Check out some of our choices to get you through until the tailgates are closed for the season.
tailgating wings barbeque bean meatball tailgate chili grilled cheese Hot dog sliders

Barbeque Meatball Sliders

Only 5 ingredients and you get this yummy, meatball mini. The best part is they’re small, so you can eat more!

Chili Bean Soup

For all the vegetarian tailgaters out there, we’ve got you covered. Hearty chili in soup form with all the flavor and no meat.

Buffalo Wings

No twists here folks, just good ole, classic wings. These are extra spicy with hot sauce and cayenne pepper and cool blue cheese dip to help with the heat.

Tailgaters Turkey Chili

For the more health conscious tailgaters, rejoice! Here’s a lightened-up version with all the great taste of traditional chili with a few better-for- you ingredient swaps.

Grilled Cheese Dogs

We oughta patent this one. The world’s perfect food mash-up, grilled cheese and hot dogs. No need to say more.

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