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September 2022

Product Spotlight: Hispanic-Owned Brands We Love

Look for them at your local grocery store!
September 2022

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proudly highlighting six standout, Hispanic-owned food brands. Look for them at your local grocery store and help support these communities now—and all year long. Bonus: You’ll be able to churn out some great dishes with big flavor. These high-quality products all deserve a place in your next shopping cart.

Badia Spices

Badia Spices, Inc. is owned by Joseph “Pepe” Badía and his three daughters. The company was founded more than 50 years ago by José Badía. Currently, Badia Spices has a nationwide and worldwide footprint, providing flavor, innovation, and only the highest quality ingredients at an affordable price. 

Siete Family Foods

Siete Family Foods was born when founder, Veronica, overcame a series of health challenges through exercise, food, and support from her family of seven (siete!). Siete is a mission-based company, passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families. Siete products are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Olé Mexican Foods

Olé Mexican Foods founder, Veronica, began making and selling authentic tortillas in 1988. She used traditional Ingredients and techniques passed down to her through generations from her native Mexico. Great food has the power to draw people together in a way very few things can. As a company, Olé Mexican Foods has been driven by a passion for great food for generations.

Tropical Cheese

More than 40 years ago Tropical Cheese began as a dream for 17 year old, Rafael Mendez and remains the favorite cheese of many Hispanic households. Tropical Cheese uses the finest natural ingredients and employ award-winning cheese makers from around the world. They pride themselves in making fresh cheeses and dairy products just like the ones customers remember enjoying in their native countries.


MasPanadas keeps you going by providing a better-for-you, clean take on convenient frozen foods.
This complete snack or light meal is convenient yet wholesome: microwavable, no utensils needed, high in protein and fiber, and packed with veggies. They are right for the whole family, fitting just as well with a glass of wine as with a juice box. MasPanadas come in 5 delicious flavors: chicken and veggies, beef and veggies, spinach and mushroom, pizza, and veggies.

Tina’s Burritos

For more than 40 years Tina’s has fed millions of hungry burrito lovers America’s best-selling single serve burritos. Made from scratch daily in Los Angeles, they are flash frozen for freshness and shipped to grocers across the country. No artificial ingredients are ever used. Tina’s burritos can be ready to eat in minutes and are budget friendly. Taste the difference, from Tina’s freezer to yours, with love.

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