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REMIX Your Snacking Routine

Knockout taste. Epic mix-ins. Snacking mic-drops. That’s REMIX – a great snack for a break in your busy day.

If snacks are your jam, you already know they’re the perfect way to bridge the gap between meals while you’re on-the-go or just need a moment to pause during a busy day. Whether you’re swamped at work, wrangling kids at home, getting in some gym time, or all of the above, you need snack options you can feel good about that taste great and give you that much-needed break. If you’re tired of the same boring snacks, it’s time to switch it up with Oikos, Light + Fit, and Too Good & Co. REMIX.

You’ll love Oikos REMIX yogurt combined with crunchy mix-ins and 11g of protein to get you through the afternoon or help you refuel after a workout. This snack checks all the boxes – delicious, satisfying, and never boring. Oikos REMIX has incredible flavors like S’mores, the throwback to a campfire favorite you didn’t know you were missing with creamy, vanilla Greek yogurt and mix-ins like graham cookies, dark chocolate, and toasted marshmallow bark. Try one of the other Oikos REMIX decadent, protein-packed flavors too like Salted Caramel with pretzel and chocolate mix-ins (wow!) or Coco Almond Chocolate with creamy coconut yogurt.

Light + Fit REMIX is your excuse to take a moment for yourself during a busy workday. Strawberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, and Brownie Sundae are so good that you’ll want to take the time to savor them. You already know how good Light + Fit yogurt is, but these sweet, crunchy mix-ins make this a next-level snacking experience. You may just find yourself taking a snack break every day. And if a delicious snack with 120 calories isn’t enough, Light + Fit also supports programs that empower women to find their place in today’s workforce.

Too Good & Co. REMIX flavors are bright and fruity like blueberry with almond and oat crisp mix-ins and strawberry with dark chocolate. This snack packs so much flavor and 6g of sugar with zero artificial sweeteners – the perfect way to indulge in a sweet snack without a ton of sugar. Take a deep breath, enjoy a satisfying snack, and bring a smile to your face any time of day. And no one does good better than Too Good & Co. with programs to reduce food waste and food insecurity.

It’s time to REMIX your snacking routine with Oikos, Light + Fit, and Too Good & Co. Which flavor will you try first?


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