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Savory Sunday: Easy Weeknight Pork Meals

Welcome to Savory Sunday! That’s what we call our newest meal planning system that helps you transform budget-friendly staples into 4 easy weeknight meals. It all starts with a prep day on (you guessed it!) Sunday, then your meals will come together in just a few minutes each night. Saving time–and money–has never been so easy! This week’s Savory Sunday meal plan is designed to make the best use of a value pack of pork chops. You’ll find easy notes in the instructions of each recipe to tell you how to get started. Get to preppin’ on Sunday, then put your apron away for the rest of the week.

Molasses-Glazed Pork with Hominy 

Take your pork chops from ho-hum to YUM with a sweet molasses and marmalade glaze. Serve it over mushrooms and quick hominy for a hearty meal that’s easy to pull off on a busy weeknight. For a richer, earthier flavor, get creative with a mix of mushrooms from the produce department.

Veggie Lasagna 

Go green with a cheesy, veggie-filled lasagna that won’t leave anyone asking where the meat is. Layers of spinach and zucchini add just the right amount of hearty veg power, and it reheats like a charm for tomorrow’s lunch.

Grilled Pork Chops with Edamame and Broccoli

Love fried rice? Put this one on your meal plan quick. Sesame oil and warm coconut make it both sweet and nutty, and the 25-minute cook time means you’ll have dinner quicker than you could order takeout. Not a fan of cilantro? No worries. Just leave it out.

Pork Piccata with Pappardelle

Who’s the real star here? Is it the briny capers? Sweet bursting cherry tomatoes? We’re not sure, but when you add tender boneless pork chops and peppery arugula, you’ve got a meal made in weeknight heaven. Quick and easy pasta to the rescue!

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