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Savory Sunday: Weeknight Heros

Welcome to Savory Sunday! That’s what we call our newest meal planning program that helps you transform budget-friendly staples into 4 easy weeknight meals. It all starts with a prep day on (you guessed it!) Sunday, then your meals will come together in just a few minutes each night. Saving time–and money–has never been so easy! This week’s Savory Sunday meal plan is designed to make the best use of a value pack of affordable and versatile chicken thighs. You’ll find easy notes in the instructions of each recipe to tell you how to get started. Get to preppin’ on Sunday, then put your apron away for the rest of the week.

Tuna and Lentil Salad  

Classic nicoise gets even nicer with lentils for extra fiber and protein. With tuna, bright tomatoes and a touch of vinegar and Dijon, every bite of this simple-to-make salad is more interesting than the last. Make it for dinner, then take it for lunch the next day.

Broccoli and Chicken Stir-fry  

Chicken thighs are an inexpensive way to add tons of flavor to a dish, and this particular weekday winner also stars hoisin sauce and crisp Chinese-style noodles. A little crunch, a little zing, and a whole lot of easy, satisfying YUM factor – it all adds up to a happy family meal.

Chicken and Fusilli in a Creamy Balsamic Sauce  

Chicken and pasta can be a little ho-hum, but not this time. We’ve banished boredom with sweet balsamic and slightly bitter radicchio, with a splash of half and half for good measure. What you get is a quick 30-minute meal with a creamy sauce that’s perfect for even the pickiest palates. (That means family-friendly!)

Nut-Crusted Chicken with Green Beans

Gluten-free folks, this one is for you. Bypass bread crumbs in favor of finely chopped nuts for a crisp breading that just might become your new go-to. (Shhh…the secret ingredient is a dash of cinnamon!)

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