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Summer Shopping List

Here’s your summer shopping list for refreshing drinks and easy snacks for every occasion from backyard gatherings to days at the beach!

Summer is busy in all the best ways – road trips, pool days, late nights outside. This time of year, bedtimes and mealtimes take a backseat to fun, everyone is always hungry, and it’s normal for friends and neighbors to just stop by (especially if you’re the one with the pool). Whether you’re stocking the cooler for the beach or feeding the neighborhood, you need easy snacks and refreshing drinks to keep the fun going. Check out this shopping list of our favorite summer snacks and drinks!

Easy Snacks

Why do snacks taste better after swimming all day in the pool or hanging out at the beach? We don’t know, but it’s a fact. Our go-to, packable, shareable snack list starts with cookies!

There’s a reason OREO and CHIPS AHOY! have become household favorites – they are the perfect sweet treat for picnics, parties, summer camp lunch boxes, or anytime! The family-size packages are perfect for sharing so throw a package in your pool bag, serve them to your guests with ice cream, or dunk them in milk!

S’mores reign supreme for summer snacking and they require the perfect base – crunchy, lightly sweetened HONEY MAID Graham Crackers.

Check out our recipes for unique s’mores flavor combos plus a s’mores dip that you can dig into with graham crackers. No time for making s’mores? Grab a package of graham crackers for an easy car snack.

If you’re looking for the perfect cracker for snacking, appetizers, or a quick snack meal we have a solution! RITZ Fresh Stacks Original Crackers check all boxes – salty, buttery, versatile. We can’t think of a topping that wouldn’t taste great on RITZ crackers – peanut butter and jelly, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, fruit and whipped cream, pulled pork and coleslaw. What’s your favorite way to top RITZ crackers?

Refreshing Drinks

Summertime gatherings require lemonade – trust us. Whether you’re opting for Minute Maid® Zero Sugar Pink Lemonade with all the flavor and zero sugar or Simply® Lemonade with all-natural ingredients, hot summer days require this quintessential summertime drink – refreshing with the right balance of sweet and tart. Just talking about it makes us thirsty!

Looking for your new go-to summer beverage? Minute Maid® Aguas Frescas Strawberry over ice with a squeeze of lime just hits different. The sweet strawberry flavor screams summer and will have your taste buds cheering. Throw some cans in your cooler for your next camping trip and keep bottles in your fridge for those backyard gatherings.

You’ve had sparkling water, but you haven’t had any like Topo Chico® Sabores! Enhanced with real fruit juice, a hint of herbal extracts, and the perfect effervescence, this drink is your healthier summertime indulgence. Savor every sip of hydration at its most flavorful!

Summer is here and we’re ready for it with snacks and drinks on-hand for any occasion. What are you stocking up on for those unexpected backyard gatherings and beach days that go past dinnertime?


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