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Thanksgiving Dinner Made Easy

This uniquely American holiday is a celebration where family and friends gather to give thanks for all their blessings and, let’s face it, to eat. Turkey and all the fixings are expected and Savory delivers with these Thanksgiving friendly recipes.
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Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo

This isn’t your granny’s stuffing. Not that there’s anything wrong with hers, but this version is pumped up with cornbread and spicy chorizo.

Easiest Ever Cranberry Sauce & Make Ahead White Wine Gravy

The only way to make cranberry sauce any easier would be to get it out of the can. But, why would you when this fresh version is easy and, even better, tastes great.

We can all use a little make-ahead magic on Thanksgiving. This yummy gravy can be made up to two weeks before the big day and frozen.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta Vinaigrette

Don’t be afraid. This delicious dish will make you a Brussels sprouts convert. Really, what’s not to love with salty pancetta and sweet shallots all tossed in?

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

These are the 2.0 version of mashed potatoes! No counting calories on this one, but you won’t mind. Bacon, sour cream, and Cheddar, oh my!

Citrus Herb Turkey

Ta da!! Presenting the star of the Thanksgiving table, this delectable turkey has a subtle hint of citrus which will make them go, “Mmmm”.

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