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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey and Cranberry Hand Pies  

Turkey in particular tends to endure for days, begging to be covered with that last helping of cranberry sauce. The solution: make a pastry! Two cups of turkey and ½ cup cranberry sauce meld with butter-soft Brie to make nine puffed and flaky morsels. Leftovers? What leftovers?

Hot Louisville-style Turkey Sandwiches  

The turkey sandwich always makes a comeback after Thanksgiving, but this is not your ordinary meat between two slices of bread. A sandwich made Louisville-style sports a cheese sauce of Gruyère, pepper jack or Cheddar. Topped with salty pimento, this savory sandwich bakes in just minutes.  

Turkey Vegetable Soup  

In the frosty days of late November, comfort is a hot bowl of soup. Butternut squash, frozen or fresh (it’s a plentiful in-season treat), adds rich flavor and creamy texture. Soup scales easily to the ingredients you have on hand, so adjust your measurements to preferred portions.

Breakfast Mashed Potato Cakes with Poached Egg  

Whip those leftover mashed potatoes into shape! Your pan-fried potato patties will taste scrumptious topped with egg yolks for a breakfast-style dinner or instant Sunday brunch. For more inspiration, watch our online video and enjoy making the best of what’s left!



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