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Three Ways to Up Your Holiday Hosting Game with Lindt

Celebrate the season with grown-up gatherings featuring the world’s best chocolate
Holiday Celebration Moments

‘Tis the season for holiday entertaining, and there’s no better way to sweeten your get-togethers than with Lindt premium chocolate. The artfully crafted flavor of every Lindt creation – like creamy Lindt Classic Recipe, the refined richness of Lindt Excellence, or the irresistibly smooth Lindor Truffles – elevates any occasion to celebration-worthy. Share the joy, and give Santa the night off, with these tasty ways to mix up holiday magic at your next adults-only affair.

You don’t need an elaborate event to share comfort and joy this season. Invite a few friends, cue the music, then raise your glass and holiday spirits with a treat-themed cocktail night starring Lindt chocolate martinis. Begin by chopping half of a 4.4-ounce Lindt Classic Recipe Milk chocolate bar and mixing with one-third cup of warmed cream to create a velvety smooth ganache. Combine ganache with one shot of vodka and one shot of Irish crème liqueur for a sweet sip that’s part drink, part dessert, and totally delicious. For extra holiday flare, garnish glasses with skewers of assorted Lindor Truffles.

For holiday “cheers!” and a party activity rolled into one, treat your guests to a chocolate and wine pairing night. Create a pairings menu – like Lindt Excellence 70% with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Lindt Excellence Sea Salt with a Pinot Noir, Lindt Classic Milk Chocolate with Chardonnay, and Lindt Excellence Intense Orange with a dry Riesling – or set out an assortment of Lindt Chocolate bars and let guests experiment with creating their own delicious duos. Not a fan of wine? Try pairing your favorite whiskey with Excellence Intense Orange or Excellence Chili chocolate bar.

When it comes to serving up season’s eatings, nothing rounds out a grazing board, charcuterie tray, or cheese plate like a curated collection of Lindt premium chocolates. For a party-ready mix of textures and flavors, try combining: one soft cheese, such as Brie or Camembert, one hard cheese, such as aged Cheddar or Gruyère, mild-flavored charcuterie, such as prosciutto or salami, and nuts with an assortment of Lindt premium chocolate varieties. Break chocolate bars into bite-sized shards and assemble ingredients on a cutting board or tray, grouping like items together. Garnish your spread with fresh or dried fruit and serve with crackers for a festive appetizer and snack table centerpiece in one. For more inspiration check out our How to Build a Cheeseboard article.

No matter how you holiday, shop here to make the season sweeter with Lindt premium chocolate.

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