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This Retro Cake Is About to Become Your Favorite Summer Dessert

Poke Cake is an easy old-school recipe that’s ready for a comeback.
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Poke cakes may go back to the 1970s, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that makes them outdated. While they were originally created to boost boxed gelatin mix sales back in the day, poke cakes are still a fun way to create a sweet treat for your next summer BBQ. Classic poke cake recipes usually call for boxed cake mix, boxed flavored gelatin mix, and whipped cream topping for the icing. These are all easy-to-find and budget-friendly ingredients that make for an affordable dessert that your guests will love.

As the name implies, poke cakes are made by poking holes in your baked cake using a chopstick or a straw. The holes are then filled with flavored gelatin before the cake is topped with whipped cream and transferred to the fridge. This allows the gelatin to soak into the cake, making every bite extra delicious.

Poke cakes are also a great dessert to make with kids because the steps are so simple and fun to do. Poking holes in the cake and watching the holes fill up with gelatin can keep little ones entertained in the kitchen while also helping them feel like they are part of the party preparations. And, best of all, they get to enjoy their sweet creation!

The fact that poke cakes are made ahead of time and chilled for several hours also makes them a super convenient option to serve at a Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day BBQ or other party. Having a pre-made dessert gives you more time to do other party prep, fire up the grill for the main course, or enjoy socializing with your guests.

If you’ve never made a poke cake before (or you want a new poke cake recipe for your repertoire), this Berry Poke Cake is a showstopper. With red and blue berries sprinkled across white whipped cream, it has the perfect amount of patriotic flare for Memorial Day and beyond.

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