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Why We Love BBQ Chicken and Corn Salad

This salad has dinnertime feeling less tortured and more enchanted with textures and flavors to make it your new summertime fave. Here are some reasons this recipe has us all starry-eyed.
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BBQ Chicken and Corn Salad checks all the boxes for a perfect summertime meal and it starts with juicy, grilled barbecue chicken – a classic summer dish that’s super easy to make, a family favorite, and a protein-packed addition to make this salad a hearty meal. Pick your favorite tangy barbecue sauce, grab some chicken thighs, and get grilling! Pro tip: make extra chicken for some lunchtime salads throughout the week.

It’s no secret that we love local, summer produce and there is nothing like the sweet taste and satisfying crunch of fresh corn. This recipe calls for grilling corn on the cob and chicken to make cooking easy and giving it that smoky charred flavor, while keeping the crunchiness you love. Every salad needs something with a little crunch, and grilled corn and barbecue chicken are a match made in heaven.

In-season, juicy tomatoes, creamy, grilled avocado, and fiber-packed black beans round out this salad, creating a colorful and satisfying meal that you’ll make on repeat. Feel free to add whatever veggies you love or need to use up, like cucumbers, onions, and sweet bell peppers.

We think the dressing is one of the best parts of a salad, but you don’t need much of the sweet onion salad dressing for loads of flavor that complements all the ingredients in this dish. But if you want to use what you have on-hand or your fave dressing like ranch, we say go for it!

By this point your mouth is watering and you’re adding all the ingredients to your order, but there’s one more reason we love this salad – it’s nutritious! This is a Guiding Stars®-rated recipe, earning two stars, which means it has the stuff you need like fiber and doesn’t have too much of the stuff you need to be mindful of like sodium. Plus, Guiding Stars® is the same simple nutrition guidance program we use to rate products in the store.

Add this hearty salad with classic summertime flavors to your dinner rotation for a meal you’ll love.

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