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Nutritionist-Approved Zero Sugar Soda

Zevia Soda is your solution for a sweet, fizzy beverage with zero sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners.

By Sarah Glunz, MS, CNS, LDN

The fizzy, sweet flavor punch from soda is unlike any other beverage, but unfortunately for most of us, it’s not the best choice for our health and wellness. But what if you could get that same fizzy sweetness without the sugar? Enter Zevia Soda – everything you love about soda with zero sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners. Pretty sweet!

It’s naturally sweetened with stevia and comes in so many craveable flavors – caffeine-free ones like lemon-lime, ginger ale, and root beer and classics like cola and cherry cola. My son’s flavor of choice is grape and my teen and I are loving vanilla cola.

While managing my own wellness, like most parents, I am also trying to help my kids make good choices with their diets without being restrictive, so that they have a healthy relationship with food. It’s no small feat, but totally worth it, and it’s easier with beverages like Zevia because it feels like a treat, but it’s a better-for-you soda with tons of flavor that you can enjoy whenever you want!

If you’re a soda lover and trying to drink less, Zevia is your solution without compromise.

Throw Zevia in your cooler for a hot beach day, use it in summer cocktails (spritz anyone?), make an ice cream float, or all of the above! We keep our fridge stocked with a variety of Zevia flavors so there’s something for everyone. What’s your favorite Zevia flavor?

Sarah Glunz, MS, CNS, LDN has been a nutritionist for over 15 years and sips on zero-sugar soda while working at Savory, playing outdoor sports and video games with her family, and living her best mid-life.


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