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20 can do resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by those big resolutions when it comes to cooking and eating more healthfully, this is a great place to start. Think of these 20 resolutions as small ways to take your good habits one step further. Before you know it, they’ll make a big difference!

I want to do more meal planning and prep. 

Get organized and get ahead with steps that make your week easier. If eating better and spending less are also goals for 2020, meal planning is a great place to start.

1. Make a shopping list. Going to the store with a list will keep you from buying what you don’t need and save you time.

2. Stock your freezer. Keep staples like frozen meatballs, chicken tenders, and steam-in-bag veggies so you always have a last-minute dinner solution.

3. Reduce your food waste. Save money and eat more produce by adding leftover fruit to smoothies and muffins and leftover veggies to stir-fries and soups.

4. Make a meal plan. Write meals on the calendar at the start of the week so everyone knows the menu and you’ll have a plan when you get home.

5. Bring your lunch 3 days a week. Instead of swearing off takeout, start with packing lunch 3 days a week to save money and time.

6. Get ahead on Sunday.

I want to build better habits. 

Turning a New Year’s resolution into a good habit you practice without thinking can be hard. Instead of radically changing your lifestyle on January 1st, start with these steps.

7. Pack your snacks. Choose high fiber and protein snacks like hummus and pretzels or apples and peanut butter to help you feel full.

8. Drink more water. Staying hydrated in winter can be hard to remember when we’re not as active. Try adding fruit slices or herb sprigs to your water to make it more flavorful.

9. Eat breakfast more often. You’ll feel energized and start the day on the right foot. Keep on-the-go options handy for grabbing as you head out the door.

10. Drink less soda

11. Eat as a family one more night each week. Enjoying a meal together encourages healthy eating habits and better communication. Keep it fun with a top-you-own taco, pizza, or baked potato night.

12. Cook with your kids once a week. When kids help pick, shop for, and prepare a recipe, they’ll be more interested in eating it.

13. Eat out one less time each week. Home-cooked meals let you control the ingredients and are usually healthier. Try a slow cooker meal that’s ready right when you get home. 

I want to eat smarter. 

No matter your weight or fitness goals, making better choices now will help you feel better in the long run. Try the occasional ingredient swap to give your favorite dishes a healthful boost.

14. Add more color to your plate. More color means more nutrients and more flavor. The next time you shop, try putting the rainbow in your cart.

15. Eat seasonally. In-season produce is fresher, tastier, and less expensive. Keep a produce calendar handy so you know what to look for.

16. Try a whole-grain swap for pasta and bread. Complex carbs will help you feel full. Try replacing regular pasta or bread now and then with a whole-grain alternative.

17. Try a plant-based swap for meat. Get more nutrients into your meals by occasionally swapping meat for plant-based options in weeknight dishes like pizza, stir-fries, or pasta.

18. Embrace healthy fats

19. Give plants more plate real estate

20. Try a new recipe. Shake up your dinner routine and find new favorites by cooking a recipe or an ingredient you haven’t tried yet.

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