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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Premade Deli Salads

The best part of any picnic or backyard party? All. The. Sides. (We’re guessing you agree—you clicked on this story, after all.) And that’s where the deli counter comes in. See, this summer’s best side dishes all start with premade salads from the grocery store. Just grab a tub or three, add a few extra ingredients, and you’ll be serving up a super-special crowd-pleaser in a matter of minutes. Ready? Here are three deli salads to pick up, and how to doctor them up all summer long.
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Veggie Italian Pasta Salad

If you love things that go crunch, this upgraded pasta salad is for you. It starts with a pound of vegetable salad (or coleslaw), which then gets tossed with creamy goat cheese, grape tomatoes, rotini pasta, and Italian dressing. Enjoy it as a satisfying side or a light summer meal on a hot, hot day. Tip: This salad gets better as it sits in the fridge, so plan to make it a day in advance.

Bacon & Cheddar Loaded Potato Salad

Give cookout-worthy potato salad all the fun flavors of a loaded baked potato. (Read: Bacon!) In a large bowl, mix a tub of red skin potato salad with precooked bacon, shredded cheddar, and some crunchy veggies. Cook the bacon in the microwave and you won’t have to worry about heating your kitchen up with the oven. 

Mexican Corn Macaroni Salad

Mild macaroni salad certainly has its time and place, but for something a bit more memorable, consider this riff on Mexican street corn with a dose of Latin-inspired flavors. To the noodles, add sweet kernels of summer corn, fresh lime juice, chili powder, and crumbly cotija cheese. The whole thing comes together in just 12 minutes. 

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