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3 Ways with Store-Bought Sugar Cookies

It’s all about the decorating!
how to December 2022

There are so many opportunities to get crafty during the holiday season. Between decorating our homes and DIY-ing gifts, flexing our creative muscles is an easy feat this time of year. One of the most popular ways to build some holiday spirit is through festive baking. But with so many recipes and demands on time, how do you choose what cookies to make? Enter the bakery section of your store – fresh and perfectly-sized sugar cookies, no baking required! These three easy recipes use all store-bought ingredients so that the whole family can jump right into decorating. Pick up a pack of bakery sugar cookies and some baking aisle staples to make these festive and fun holiday cookies.

Easy Santa Sugar Cookies

Ho-ho-hold onto your hats for this easy hack! A can of frosting and the store-bought cookies are transformed into a classic Santa Claus face. Microwaving the frosting turns it into a smooth glaze that’s perfect for dipping cookies. Finish the look with some mini marshmallows and candy-coated chocolates for some extra holiday magic. 

Reindeer Cookies

We can’t forget about Santa’s reindeer! Make sure all of Santa’s sleigh team is loved with this adorable recipe. Mixing chocolate and vanilla frosting together creates the perfect shade for reindeer fur. Use mini pretzels and chocolate-coated candies to make their antlers and faces.  Don’t forget to add a cherry nose for Rudolph!  

Easy Ball Ornament Cookies

Decorate these cookies to enjoy while trimming your tree – just make sure you don’t mix them up with the real ornaments! Mini peanut butter cups stand in for the cap on top of the classic ball decorations. Be sure to get plenty of sprinkles, sanding sugar, and holiday candies so everyone can add their own decorating touch.  

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