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5 Speedy Seafood Recipes

October is National Seafood Month, but these recipes are so quick and tasty that you’ll want to make them year-round. With easy prep, fresh flavors, and good-for-you protein, it’s hard to choose the best part about each of these meals.  
quick and easy scallops Tilapia Cod

Mussels Marinara 

Entertaining a big crowd? Make it easy on yourself with mussels in tangy tomato sauce. These fun-to-serve shells cook up in one big pot and flavor the sauce as they simmer. Then sop up all the leftover sauce up with crusty bread. 

Scallops over Brussels Sprouts Salad 

For a dinner that feels restaurant-fancy but cooks up easy, try seared scallops. A few minutes in a hot skillet gives them a gorgeous golden-brown finish. Packaged shredded Brussels sprouts are the secret shortcut to a perfectly paired fall salad. 

Crispy Tilapia Tacos 

Give taco night a beachy makeover with crunchy breaded tilapia fillets. They crisp up in no time on the stove and are ready to be topped with all the classics like pico de gallo and lime.  

Shrimp and Broccoli with Noodles 

With this one-pan wonder, ramen gets a homemade twist that the whole family will love. Tender, quick-cooking veggies and shrimp mix with noodles, all tossed in a sweet and tangy sauce. 

Broiled Cod with Citrusy Broccoli 

Fresh citrus zest adds zing to this easy Asian-inspired glaze for quick broiled cod. Just brush it on and let it sizzle into a sticky-sweet coating for boneless fillets, while a squeeze of juice brightens up broccoli. 

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