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5 Surprising Ways to Make This Year’s Egg Hunt Way More Fun

Get egg-cited!

The egg hunt is the quintessential kid-friendly Easter activity: It’s easy to set up, it’s fun for the kids, and it gives the adults a little break from the responsibility of entertaining their little ones. But if you’re running out of hiding spots, doing another egg hunt might feel like a drag. Luckily, your friends at Savory have thought of 5 ways to spice things up at your next Easter celebration so you can continue to bring the excitement.  Hoppy hunting!  

Add an extra challenge to your egg hunt.  

If your kids are egg hunting pros, you can make things a little more interesting this year by making it more challenging. Have your kids choose their favorite color from a pack of plastic Easter hunt eggs. When it’s time to hunt they can only pick up the eggs in that color. This simple rule change will instantly up the ante! 

Turn the hunt into a relay race.  

This is a great creative way to teach your kids the important concept of team building.  Split your “bunnies” into two teams and have them choose what order they will be hunting in. Each bunny will have to sniff out an egg, and once they’ve found one, the next bunny can start the search .  

Hide small chocolate eggs in food. 

Forget the big plastic eggs, buy a bag of small chocolate eggs and conceal them in food items like donuts. Hide clues in different places around the house until your kids find the ultimate prize: Easter eggs AND an Easter dessert!  

Host a sensory search. 

If you have access to a kiddie pool or a large plastic bin, fill it with rice, sand, or even slime and hide the Easter eggs inside! Your kids will have fun exploring different textures as they search for their prizes.  

Fill each egg with an activity.  

Instead of filling plastic eggs with candy, add a piece of paper with a silly action item written on it. When your kids find the eggs, they can act it out. Actions can include hopping like a bunny, mooing like a cow, doing a cartwheel, and so on. The entertainment never ends!  

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