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6 Recipes to Overhaul Your Lunch Game

Work-week lunch is a scary thought for most people because more often than not, it doesn’t go beyond a sad salad or boring meat and cheese sandwich. But fret no more, we’ve got your lunch woes taken care of.
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These recipes not only taste delicious but are easy to cook and pack for the commute—and they’ll leave you satisfied all afternoon.

Moroccan Spiced Beef Lettuce Wraps

These wraps are like a salad in disguise. The secret is the Moroccan ras el hanout seasoning which transforms plain beef into a flavorful meal you’ll want to eat every day.

Broccoli and Chicken Wraps

Nutrient-packed broccoli and protein-packed chicken come together for a midday wrap that won’t weigh you down. Store-bought pesto and Greek yogurt combine to provide flavor and convenience to this lunch favorite.

Cajun Red Beans Over Farro

Farro is a great substitution for rice if you’re looking to increase your whole grain intake without skimping on texture. The whole meal is both quick to come together and easy to reheat the next day.

Chicken Gyros

Here is another sandwich that will leave you feeling light and energized when you return to your desk. The creamy yogurt sauce is classic Greek and the grilled chicken and whole wheat pita will keep you satiated until dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

The secret to the chicken’s Buffalo wing-like flavor is the spicy jalapeños hot sauce. Use any leftover cooked chicken to whip up these tacos in no time.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Bulgur Bowl

Bulgur is a grain that most people either forget about or are hesitant to try. It cooks just as easy as any other grain and balances perfectly with roasted sweet potatoes.

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