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7 Foolproof Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

As the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, the turkey gets much of the attention from friends and family as they sit down to the big dinner. It's a tasty tradition, but one that can make even the most seasoned host a little nervous.
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But when we’ve got so many ways to make a foolproof turkey, there’s no need to worry. From sweet cider glazes to flavorful dry brines and even a slow cooker method, the following recipes guarantee you’ll have a moist and juicy main dish that you’ll be proud to share.

Cider-Glazed Turkey and Gravy

A stovetop-simmered cider and honey syrup creates a sweet glaze that both infuses the turkey with fall flavors and gives the skin a gorgeous golden-brown color as it cooks. Use the pan drippings to create a perfectly seasoned gravy.

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Mustard Sauce

Perfect for smaller crowds, this brilliant slow cooker hack saves on precious oven space by making a tender turkey breast and richly flavored gravy in the same pot. Dijon mustard adds extra zing to the sauce.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Breast

For the tastiest way to keep lean turkey moist, simply wrap it in bacon! The delicious strips also do double duty by creating a crispy outer layer for skinless turkey breast and sealing in the flavor of fresh herb butter.

Citrus-Herb Turkey

If brining seems intimidating to you, try the dry brining method. This easy technique makes turkey moist and crisps the skin by seasoning it and letting it rest in the fridge for a few days. Just remember to plan ahead for the best results.

Butterflied Turkey with Sage Gravy

This method, also known as spatchcocking, flattens the turkey so it can cook in an hour on a baking sheet with the same juicy result as a longer roasting time.

Cider-Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy

Love apples? This recipe uses them three ways for a truly succulent bird. Fresh apples in the turkey cavity adds flavor from the inside out, while a tangy basting liquid made with apple cider and vinegar brings even more tangy fruitiness.

Maple-Thyme Dry-Brined Turkey

Rub on sweet and salty seasoning and let the turkey rest in the refrigerator overnight for a crisp-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside main course. Adding coffee to the pan while roasting sounds unusual but is a Southern trick for rich gravy.

What is your favorite way to make your Thanksgiving turkey? Check out the recipes! 

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