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8 Ingredients to Make 5 Meals

Feeling short on time and short on dinner inspiration? We’ve got five quick and delicious dishes to break you out of your weekday recipe rut. The best part: they’re all made using the same 8 simple ingredients, saving you time and money at the grocery store.  

Begin by taking a smart tip from our nutritionists and create your shopping list based on the recipes you’re cooking that week. This helps to reduce food waste and can add up to significant savings, since you’ll have a plan for every ingredient and won’t buy more than you need. 

For these recipes you’ll need: 

3 lemons 
Lemon brings a bright pop of flavor to all kinds of savory meat and veggie dishes. The freshly squeezed juice also works well as a base for salad dressings. Get the most from your lemons by grating the zest before juicing them. Store zest in the freezer and stir into soups, sauces, and more for a quick hit of citrus flavor anytime. 

2 pints grape tomatoes 
Grape tomatoes are one of the few varieties that stay ripe and delicious year-round, making them our go-to for fresh tomatoes in winter. 
3 heads broccoli 
Hearty broccoli is a great way to add nutritional bulk to cooked grains, salads, roasted sheet pan meals, and more. Minimize waste by using the stems as well as the crown, just be sure to peel away the tough outer layer.  
3 bunches green onions 
Scallions bring mild onion flavor to the party that won’t overpower other ingredients. Use the white and light green parts in these recipes, and reserve the dark green tops for salsas, dressings, stock, or garnish. 
1 dozen eggs 
Who says eggs are just for breakfast? Loaded with protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals, eggs are budget-friendly building blocks for satisfying meals any time of day. 

10 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs 
Chicken thighs are a versatile, budget-friendly cut that can be prepared countless ways. Be sure to look for bone-in thighs, which stay extra moist and flavorful during cooking. Stock up when they’re on sale and store in the freezer for up to nine months. 

1-pound brown rice 
Protein and fiber-packed brown rice delivers huge nutritional bang for the buck. For extra savings, buy in bulk, and keep in the pantry for an endless array of hearty, no-fuss mains and sides. 

1 container Dijon mustard 
Dijon is huge flavor in a little jar. Use it to add complex zing to salad dressings, sauces, marinades, and more. 

Try any or all of these recipes featuring the 8 ingredients above for quick and delicious meals all week long.  

Chicken and Broccoli Fried Rice

Rice Salad with Green Onion-Dijon Dressing

Broccoli and Tomato Frittata

Skillet Seared Chicken with Tomatoes

Sheet Pan Dijon Roasted Chicken Thighs

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