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Back-to-School Breakfasts: Five Quick Recipes to Start the Day Off Right

Up and at ‘em! It can be hard to get back into that school routine, but waking up to a good breakfast makes it so much easier. Get the kids (and yourself) to the table with school fuel that you can make in minutes. 

Apple, Raspberry and Cinnamon Oatmeal 

Freeze-dried fruit adds the flavor to this easy mason jar oatmeal. Get it ready in advance, seal up the jars, then just pull them off the shelf and add warm milk each morning. A hearty weekday breakfast couldn’t be easier!

Banana, Coconut and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal 

Monkey around with a few ingredients on Sunday, and you’ll have easy mason jar breakfasts all week. Shredded coconut and chocolate chips were just made for pairing with dried banana chips, and they all keep well in a fun and hearty make-ahead oatmeal mix.

Chia and Fruit Bowl 

When they’re soaked, chia seeds have a cool gelatinous texture that adds body and heartiness to this nutritious breakfast bowl. Fresh berries, banans and coconut sweeten the deal and add bright, vibrant color that will have the kids up and at ‘em at breakfast time.

Pepper Eggs 

1, 2, done! This is one fun and easy breakfast idea that you’ll want to keep in the rotation for busy weekdays. When you bake an egg inside a pepper ring, you get kid-friendly eye appeal along with lots of veggies early in the day. We give these an A+!

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl 

Old-fashioned granola is a breakfast standby, but we’ve upgraded the fun factor in this trendy smoothie bowl made with both almond milk and almond butter.  A medley of fruits both inside and on top make this a colorful and unexpected way to start the day.

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