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Dads Dish: Favorite Recipes for Father’s Day

In honor of Father's Day, we went to the source (our own dads!) to find out what they have to say about their favorite foods and meal-inspired memories. These dad-approved recipes are big on flavor, short on prep, so you can show your pop he’s the top and enjoy more quality time together.
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We asked dads:

When you’re in charge of cooking dinner, what’s your go-to meal?

“I like to cook a lot of things, but lettuce wraps are my go-to. They’re fast, easy, delicious, and relatively healthy.” – Ben P.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps

Even if you’re giving dad the day off, these Korean-inspired lettuce wraps are a can’t-fail crowd-pleaser. Grilled sirloin in a richly flavored marinade wrapped inside tender butter lettuce is a restaurant-worthy meal that’s easy to make on the grill.

What’s a dish that someone cooked for you that you’ll never forget?

“I’ll never forget the first time my wife made me paella. Heaven! It was so delicious and special.” – Tyrone G

Sheet Pan Paella

The complex flavors of classic Spanish paella meet the ease of a sheet pan dinner in this oven-ready recipe. A colorful combo of shrimp, smoky chorizo, saffron rice, and veggies comes out perfectly cooked and ready to celebrate with just 10 minutes of prep.

When it comes to snacking, do you prefer savory or sweet?

All of our dads unanimously said savory snacks for the win!

Spicy Ranch Snack Mix

Five crunchy munchies combine in this eat-it-by-the-handful snack dressed in bold savory-spice. Ranch seasoning, fiery cayenne, and butter add irresistible flavor to a mix of cereal, pretzels, and cheese crackers (or mix it up with any of dad’s favorites, like popcorn, peanuts, dried corn, and beyond).

What’s your favorite drink to ‘cheers!’ with?

“Beer is my favorite all around drink, but at brunch I can’t resist a good Bloody Mary.” – Ryan C.

Spicy Micheladas

Serve the best of both worlds with this refreshing cocktail that combines the flavor of a Bloody Mary with the drinkability of cold beer. Mexican lager with tomato juice, fresh lime, and the kick of hot sauce might become dad’s new favorite drink.

What’s your ideal Father’s Day menu?

“I love an easy, informal Father’s Day cookout. Of course, ribs are a must.” – Frank W.

“Buffalo anything!” – Patrick L.

Easy Smoked Ribs

Treat dad to the flavor of slow-smoked barbecue ribs without a smoker or the work. A simple two-step cooking method turns baby back pork ribs fork-tender in the oven (save even more time by roasting up to two days in advance) before a smoky finish on the backyard barbecue.

Buffalo Hot Dogs

Classic cookout meets game day all-star in this fully loaded grilled frank. Turkey hot dogs topped with Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and crunchy matchstick carrots are certain to satisfy dad’s comfort food cravings.

What’s your favorite way to end a meal?

“For dessert, always ice cream. If I could have cherry ice cream I would, but no one likes cherry ice cream.” – Robert H.

Chocolate-Vanilla Black Cherry Floats

Please every palate with these fruity floats that deliver three delicious flavors in one. Chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurts (or sub ice cream) scooped into black cherry soda topped with whipped cream and a cherry tastes like a sip from an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

Happy Father’s Day!

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