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Game Day Snacks

What’s more fun than watching the big game with friends? Eating your way through the big game with friends. These 8 delicious snacks will sure to be crowd-pleasers come game day.
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Spinach-Artichoke-Dip Bombs

Guests have never seen spinach-artichoke dip like this—its creaminess tucked into individual pieces of dough. It’s less messy, more portable, and an instant conversation starter.

Buffalo Wings 2.0

No frying needed! These wings get crispy courtesy of a broiler and 450°F hot oven. Their shining glory though is the coating combination of hot sauce and blue cheese dressing which turn these into an unforgettable appetizer.

Game-Day Beef Chili

The slow cooker goes to work keeping the chili piping hot which means less hassle for you. Set out a bar of toppings (tortilla chips! cheese! sour cream!) to let guests customize their bowls, turn them into tacos.

Sausage and Pepper–Stuffed Potato Skins

Crispy spud skins get piled high with chicken sausage and peppers and then smothered by melty mozzarella for this twist on a classic finger food.

Queso Totchos

What’s better than nachos? Just a genius version featuring tater tots in the starring role supported by a creamy spicy cheese sauce, salsa, and other fixings.

Oven-Baked Jalapeños Poppers

Cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños get the crunch treatment courtesy of cornflake crumbs, eliminating the need for a deep fryer while still being just as delicious as their fried counterpart.

Vegetarian Sheet Pan Nachos 

Baking nachos on a large sheet pan means maximum melty cheese coverage of your tortilla chips. Avocado, tomatoes, and herbs lend a pop of fresh flavor.

Black Bean Brownie Footballs 

Black beans take the place of butter for a healthy spin on brownies. These brownies are so yummy, no one will know the difference.

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