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Holiday Cocktails

There’s no shortage of opportunities to raise a glass and celebrate during the holidays. And for such a special time of year, your cocktail should be as sparkling as the season.

These drinks are perfectly suited for a weekend cocktail party, holiday brunch, or big New Year’s Eve blowout. With make-ahead components and easy ways to let guests serve themselves, you can enjoy the party instead of playing bartender all evening long.

Set out a few signature cocktails and let the toasting begin!

Cran-Apple Whiskey Punch

Nothing’s more fun at the holidays than a big punch bowl centerpiece. Make this fruity version with lemonade, cranberry, and apple juices for a brightly flavored spin on classic whiskey punch. Garnish with floating apple and lemon slices for extra flair.

Blood Orange Cosmos

Stir up a pitcher of this sweet and tangy citrus sipper a few hours in advance of your party and give yourself time to toast to your guests all night. Blood orange and cranberry juices blend with vodka for a crowd-pleasing concoction.

Cinnamon Sours

Get the holiday spirit going with this cinnamon-and-spice cocktail that has all the fragrance and flavor of the season. Let guests serve and garnish their own drinks for a hands-on bartending experience.

White Russian Hot Toddy

Instead of the usual vodka, this warmed-up version of a White Russian uses spiced rum for a creamy after-dinner drink that will keep the chill off all night. Feel free to use your favorite flavored coffee like hazelnut or vanilla, too.

Sangria Hot Toddy

Serving for a crowd? Make this Spanish-inspired drink for a new twist on wintry mulled wine, kept warm in a slow cooker so everyone can ladle out their own mug of magic. Star anise, cinnamon, and cloves are a perfectly seasonal spice blend.

Pomegranate Cosmo Fizz

Fresh pomegranate seeds always make for a festive cocktail garnish around the holidays, especially when they’re floating in a Champagne flute. Sparkling wine adds a bubbly touch to this juicy pomegranate-orange drink.

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