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How to Cook Once, Eat Twice 6

How to Cook Once, Eat Twice

Make a little extra (a second pork tenderloin, a couple more cups of beans) when cooking one meal, then transform those leftovers into a quick and easy meal later. This meal planning strategy not only saves you time and money, it also keeps you and your family from getting bored of the same leftovers during the week.  

Saving you money 
Cook once, eat twice lets you take advantage of value packages of meat and other store sales that would make too much for a single meal. Having a second meal planned also means you have a quick and easy meal at the ready on a night when you’d usually spend more money on takeout.  

Saving you time 
Most of the prep and cooking for your next meal will already be done—it’s why it’s one of our favorite get-ahead strategies. This doesn’t mean you have to do more work on the front end: It’s easy to cook a little extra without adding more time and effort to that night’s meal. 

Here’s how to do it 

Before serving your first meal, follow the tip in the recipe for what to reserve for your second meal. The tip will also tell you what other ingredients you’ll need. If you can’t make the second meal right away, no problem! Most leftovers can be refrigerated in airtight containers for up to 3 days.  

Dig into these recipes and see for yourself how easy, convenient, and budget friendly it is to Cook Once, Eat Twice. 

Zoodles with Slow Cooker Sausage and Peppers

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Tomato Salad

Ground Turkey Fried Rice

Slow Cooker “Mississippi” Pot Roast

Instant Pot Black Bean Chili 

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