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How to Grill Seafood

Want a better-for-you BBQ spread that doesn’t skimp on flavor? Break out of the burger rut and set your sights on the sea. 
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Light and delectable grilled seafoods—both shellfish, like shrimp and scallops, and hearty fish fillets, like cod and salmon—are a breeze to prepare with the right tools and knowhow. Stock up on sale and keep a fresh catch in the freezer for a fast, easy meal any night of the week.  

Check out these three essential tips for fuss-free, foolproof fish grilling every time. 

Tip 1: Start with a hot, clean grill. No matter what’s on the menu, successful grilling starts and ends with a clean grill to prevent food from sticking. This is especially true for lean protein like seafood which is more likely to stick. Before cooking, set grill to high heat and scrub thoroughly with a metal brush, making sure no burnt bits remain. 

Tip 2: Use parallel skewers for easy flipping. For easier, consistent cooking of smaller items like shrimp and scallops, try the two-skewer method. Thread seafood onto parallel skewers and use tongs to flip while cooking. This will also ensure smaller pieces don’t fall between the grill grates.  

Tip 3: Use foil packets to grill fish. Tender fish fillets are notorious for burning and sticking to the grill. Wrap seasoned fish in a double layer of aluminum foil before placing on the grill for perfectly cooked, flame-kissed flavor without all the messy cleanup. 

Here are some grilled seafood recipes to try! 

Grilled Scallops with Buttery Cracker Crumbs

Skip the oven and fire up the grill for this summery version of a New England favorite. Tender grilled scallops topped with lemony, buttery cracker crumbs and scallions over arugula is like a beachside meal on the Atlantic coast.

Herbed Salmon Burgers

Break out of the BBQ rut with a light and satisfying burger from the sea. Fresh dill and scallions bring flavor and moist, never-dry texture to tender grilled salmon patties topped with crunchy slaw.

Grilled Tuna and Shiitakes with Spicy Mayo

Grill up a restaurant-quality plate full of color and crunch in just minutes. A hot grill and precooked grains fast-track grilled ahi tuna steaks and shiitake mushrooms with cucumbers and the kick of Sriracha mayo.

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