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How to Segment Citrus

Citrus fruit adds brightness and flavor to everyday meals, and we love serving it up in unexpected ways. 
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Segmented citrus makes a delicious and beautiful addition to all kinds of dishes—from salads to stir fries to baked goods. Here’s how to take those recipes to the next level. Instead of just peeling the fruit and breaking it into segments, try this easy technique to cleanly cut out the segments. The result is gorgeous citrus minus the bitter white pith. It’s impressive and not difficult.

Here’s our easy three-step method to slice perfect segments every time.

Step 1: Take a slice from both ends of your fruit so it sits flat on the cutting board.

Step 2: With a sharp paring knife, remove the rind and white pith in long, top-to-bottom slices, following the curve of the fruit.

Step 3: Carefully cut along both sides of each membrane (the white part that separates the segments) then gently use your knife to remove each individual segment and transfer to a bowl. If you’re planning on using the juice, make sure to do this step over a bowl.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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