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Ice Cube Tray Hacks

Now that you and your family are cooking at home more, you might have a few odds and ends of ingredients left in your fridge. Enter the ice cube tray! 
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This kitchen essential is perfect for portioning out high-flavor ingredients, foods you don’t want to waste, and even sweet treats. Since you may not be filling your freezer with as many make-ahead meals as usual, these ice cube hacks are a great way to make the most of your freezer real estate.

In your meals…

  • Preserve fresh herbs by adding to the ice cube tray with olive oil and freezing. Add to a hot pan to start a sauté or finish a soup or pasta sauce. 
  • You can also freeze tablespoons of tomato paste, stock, or wine for your next recipe.
  • Leftover gravy? Freeze for enriching your next pan sauce.
  • And if you never seem to have a lemon or lime on hand when you need one, try freezing the fresh squeezed juice in ice cube trays. 


In your drinks…

  • Make your next glass of water or tea more exciting with frozen strawberry-kiwi cubes.
  • If you love iced coffee, try freezing some of your brew to chill your next cup without diluting it (you could also do this with flavored milk or creamer).
  • Freeze milk or coconut milk in cubes for blending your next smoothie.

In your desserts…

For bite-sized sweet treats beyond frozen pops, the ice cube tray is the perfect tool.

  • Use as a mold for homemade candy bars: layer melted chocolate, peanut butter, and crushed nuts or cookies and freeze until set. Sandwich vanilla ice cream between layers of melted chocolate for another frozen treat.
  • You can also use the trays to portion cookie dough so you can bake off a last-minute batch any time.

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