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January 2022

It’s Turnip Time: 3 Ways to Cook with Turnips

Nutritious, delicious, but so often ignored, turnips are the undercover superheroes of the produce aisle. Full of filling fiber, vitamins (one medium turnip offers 42% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C), and even protein, this hearty root vegetable is a staple of diets around the world. 
January 2022 Sides

With a long harvest season from October through March and a shelf life of up to three weeks, turnips are a smart ingredient to keep on hand for fall and winter meals. They make a lower calorie, lower carb alternative (or addition) to potatoes, but the appeal of this versatile veggie doesn’t stop there. Get ready to “turnip” the flavor volume, we’ve got three mouthwatering sides starring terrific turnips that will make you fall in love. 

Creamy Turnip Puree

Serve a new spin on plain ol’ mashed potatoes with creamy, buttery pureed turnips. A combo of turnips and traditional russets whip up light as air with milk and the flavors of fresh rosemary and garlic. 

Cold Sesame Noodles  

Sneak in extra fiber and nutrients while treating yourself to a better-than-takeout meal in just 30 minutes. Ribbons of turnip, crunchy cucumber, and rotisserie chicken tossed with noodles in creamy peanut sauce is easily portable and tastes even better the next day, perfect for lunch on the go. 

Roasted Turnips with Herbs and Feta 

Roasting turnips brings out their natural, mild sweetness and fork-tender bite. Combined with a trio of fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and tangy feta, they make an easy, eye-catching side that’s equally at home on special occasions and alongside midweek meals. 

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