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Our Top 3 Grilling Essentials

Our favorite grilling equipment you can pick up right at the supermarket
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Summer is officially here and it’s finally time to get fired up about cookout season. If the thrill of the grill is something you wait for all year long, you likely have your favorite spatula and pair of tongs at the ready. However, there are a few other kitchen tools that can level up your grilling game. No grill master should be without these three inexpensive items for delicious, fuss-free barbecuing beyond burgers and hot dogs. 

1. Bamboo Skewers 

Skewers are a game-changer for grilling smaller items, like bite-sized chunks of meat, shrimp, veggies, and fruit — without the risk of food falling between the grates. Threading onto skewers also lets you flip multiple pieces of food simultaneously for even, uniform cooking. Skewers make it easy to mix and match your favorite ingredients for the perfect bite, like these kabobs with steak, cherry tomatoes, and croutons. When it’s time to eat, bamboo skewers can go directly from the grill to the table so serving is a breeze. Just be sure to soak your skewers in water before grilling to prevent them from burning. 

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2. Aluminum Foil 

An aluminum foil packet is the key to grilling perfect fish and seafood, as well as other proteins and veggies, with no sticking and no messy cleanup. Making a packet is as easy as cutting a square, placing the food in the center, and then folding and crimping the edges to seal. Combine ingredients and seasonings in your packet for a complete meal that cooks together effortlessly without any flipping or babysitting. Cooking inside a sealed packet also helps to lock in moisture, so seafood turns out tender and never dry. Take your next grilling night to Spain with this easy take on paella that combines shrimp, chicken chorizo, frozen rice, and veggies all in foil packets that cook in 20 minutes.  

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3. Sheet Pan 

You probably have at least one sheet pan in your kitchen, and they’re as handy during grilling season as they are the rest of the year. Use them to carry food or table settings outside before you start grilling, and to help clear up after dinner (we load up sheet pans with dirty dishes to make clean up a one-step process). But you can also use them on the grill, like in this show-stopping grilled cheese and charcuterie board. Our advice? Bring out all your sheet pans when you’re grilling—you’ll be glad you did!

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