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Savory Sunday: Your Meal Plan

Welcome to Savory Sunday! That’s what we call our newest meal planning program that helps you transform budget-friendly staples into 4 easy weeknight meals. It all starts with a prep day on (you guessed it!) Sunday, then your meals will come together in just a few minutes each night. Saving time–and money–has never been so easy!  This week’s Savory Sunday meal plan is designed to make the best use of a value pack of affordable and versatile ground beef. (Plus one wildcard night to keep it things interesting. This week’s is hearty brown rice burgers made with mushrooms.) You’ll find easy notes in the instructions of each recipe to tell you how to get started. Get to preppin’ on Sunday, then put your apron away for the rest of the week.
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Mushroom and Brown Rice Veggie Burgers  

Mushrooms make a satisfying substitute for meat, and their potential goes way beyond a grilled mushroom cap. This week, we’re making hearty burgers out of everyday white button mushrooms and a few other key ingredients, like mild chickpeas and brown rice for substance. Top them any way you like – you can’t go wrong!

Mexican-Style Pan Pizzas   

A crisp tortilla makes the base for these Mexican-style pizzas, piled high with smoky cumin-infused beef and lots of fresh flavors. They’re hearty enough for a weeknight entrée, and they also make a great app when hunger hits at halftime. Go team!

Fettuccine Bolognese with Peas and Ricotta   

Quick, hearty, and satisfying–it’s classic Pasta Bolognese with a few unexpected twists. First, peas, which add a subtle sweetness and balance. And right before you serve, add a dollop of ricotta for richness to rival your favorite lasagna!

Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers  

Everyone loves a slider! And the same can be said for bacon, right? A dinner that combines both and lands on the table in less than 30 minutes? Well, that’s a winner by any definition. Applewood smoked bacon and Dijon give these mini burgers a little bit of personality, but you can top them differently each time if you like. While you’re prepping ahead, make an extra batch for next week!

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