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Cat Treats

Spoil Your Cat with This Purrrfect Treat Recipe

It’s a-meow-zing!
Cat Treats

We all love spoiling our fur babies. From buying the best toys to giving them tons of head scratches, there’s nothing we won’t do for our feline companions, and that’s doubly true when it comes to food. There are many  pre-packaged pet treats available, but why not give them something homemade from the heart? These fishy cat treats are easy to make, owner tested, and feline approved.  

You only need three ingredients to make these tasty treats: tinned anchovies, an egg, and all-purpose flour. Start by combining ingredients into a dough, then use a rolling pin to flatten it out on a baking sheet. Next comes the fun part: grab some miniature cookie cutters or a pizza wheel and cut your treats into shapes.  Is your kitty a fish fan? Cut out little fishy friends. Are they more of a chicken chump? Get a chicken-shaped cutter and start a-cluckin’. You can even show them some love with heart shapes. Whatever you choose, we’re certain that your cat is going to love this recipe.   

Once you’ve cut out your treats, it’s time to bake.  These crunchy nibs are ready in just 12 minutes. When they’re golden-brown and puffed slightly, they’re ready to come out of the oven, Just watch out – a whiskered trickster might be waiting around the corner for the perfect moment to steal some snacks. Be sure they wait until the treats are completely cooled to dig their paws in into this fanciful feast.  

Once the treats have cooled, it’s time to chow down.   While your kitty companion might want to gulp them all at once, it’s best to dole out these extra crunchy bites one at a time. If your furry friend has trouble eating an entire treat, break them into purr-fectly small, kitten-sized pieces. 

Store these fishy cat treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to seven days and treat your cat to the best week ever!  Is your cat’s birthday coming up? Bake a batch (or two) to make their day special.  These heavenly treats can even help calm kitty’s nerves before a vet appointment. Your feline family members deserve nothing but the best, and that includes this perfect cat treat recipe.  

Get the recipe: Fishy Cat Treats 

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