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Start Grilling Your Cheese, Never Look Back

You've had grilled cheese, but have you grilled your cheese? It’s the very best thing to throw on the BBQ this summer.

You’ve had grilled cheese, but have you ever grilled cheese? When placed over hot flames, slabs of firm cheese get crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, immediately ready to be stuffed into pitas, slid onto salads, or piled onto slices of a grilled baguette. Grilled cheese not only adds flavor and dimension to any summer platter, but it is also is a brilliant way to turn a side into a main dish. Prepare to wonder how you ever lived without it.   

Of course, not all cheeses are up to the task. You’ll want to choose a variety that can withstand the high heat, also known as having a high melting point. Perhaps the best example of this is halloumi, a semi-hard goat and sheep’s milk cheese from Cyprus.  

 Not only is halloumi briny, salty, and intensely savory, but it was practically made for the grill. Try slicing it into planks, which are easy to flip and will pick up gorgeous grill marks. Or, cut the block into bite-sized cubes, which can be threaded onto skewers alongside tomatoes or zucchini. Either way, this crispy, chewy cheese will add meatiness to any dish, pleasing vegetarians and carnivores alike. Plus, you don’t have to season or oil it: just pat it dry and throw it on the grill.  

 Paneer, a fresh, firm cheese used in a lot of Indian recipes, also has a high melting point, making it another go-to for grilling. Its milder flavor means it benefits from a marinade, which will also prevent it from drying out or sticking to the grill grates. Feta cheese can also be grilled, though its delicate nature means it’s best to first put it on foil (or in a cast iron skillet).  

Lastly, consider grilling a wheel of Brie! If you’re feeling brave, you can place it directly on the grill, though you’ll need to watch it carefully so you can pull it off before it melts. Your best bet however, is to wrap the whole wheel in foil, then check on it every few minutes until it’s soft to the touch. In addition, go ahead and throw its accompaniments on the grill too, like sliced bread, peaches, to grapes.  

 So, the next time you’re grilling burgers and brats, toss some cheese on there, too. A world of possibility awaits.

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