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Start Your Day Off Right with These 5 Quick Breakfasts

In case you haven’t heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And it can be the easiest, too, when you have these recipes to get you started. These five options can be prepped ahead of time or cooked in a flash to make your mornings brighter. 
hummus overnight oats quick and easy tacos fried eggs Hash Browns

1. Make-ahead hash browns with fried eggs 

Cook up a skillet-sized hash brown the night before, then reheat the next morning for a family breakfast everyone can enjoy together. 

2. Hummus Toasts 

Instead of peanut butter, top your toast with hummus, a great source of plant-based protein. Then customize it with even more toppings, like eggs or avocado. 

3. Blueberry Yogurt Breakfast Pops 

Who wants dessert for breakfast? These frozen yogurt pops are sweet and creamy, with enough protein to get you all the way to lunch. 

4. Breakfast Tacos

You can’t start you day with out a protein packed breakfast taco.  Perfect to eat at home or on the go. 

5. Overnight Blueberry-Cinnamon Oats 

Take 5 minutes before heading to bed to fill a jar with oats, spices, and milk. Microwave when you wake up for instant comfort. 

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