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Tips and Tricks for Feeding a Picky Eater

Kids aren’t the only ones guilty of being picky eaters. There are lots of adults who have never outgrown their finicky food ways. No matter if you’re a kid, an adult, or the person trying to cook for a picky eater, we have some tips and tricks to make eating and cooking for them less of a challenge.

One clever trick is to pair veggies with flavors and ingredients your family already love. Stuff zucchini with bacon and cheese and you have a new fav. Do your kids love tacos? Add diced peppers. Is Friday pizza night? Top their favorite pepperoni pie with thin eggplant slices .

Rather than eliminating sweet treats altogether, bake better-for-you versions that help keep cravings in check. Increase fiber by swapping white whole wheat flour for all-purpose. Use fresh fruit where possible instead of canned. This adds natural sweetness and cuts a significant amount of added sugar.

When it’s time to kick the soda habit, head to the kitchen. To make homemade soda, pair a flavored seltzer with fresh fruit and fruit juice. It’s far healthier and has the added benefit of being customizable. Go to the Savory recipe center to get this BLACKBERRY-LEMON SPARKLERS recipe.

Want to get your family to try new foods? Start with favorites and then introduce foods with similar tastes and textures.
• If they like carrots, try jicama or bell pepper.
• If they like peas, try shelled edamame.
• If they like peanut butter, try almond butter or sunflower butter.
• If they like French fries, try sweet potato oven fries.

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